To summarize:

Why a new constitution?

Why a Constitutional Assembly randomly drawn ?

How to impose writing a new constitution?

  1. Within the institutions: through electing a president candidate whose soul program would be to initiate a constitution change, in the respect of democratic principles (those protecting citizens), and then to leave office.
  2. Outside of the institutions: by public pressure, the mass mobilisation around this unique demand.

In both cases, the first necessary step is to teach. The problem with the electoral process and the central aspect of the random draw / sortition in a democracy must be taught (do not count on elected representatives, nor on the media to do so!). Each of us can and must understand the root of the problem. That is why you must, in turn, share the Message, make people understand it, debate about it and most importantly, convince people around you so that the virus of democracy can spread.

Because it is not right for the people in power to write the rules of that power

This message, if millions rally behind it, can change everything.

  1. Because it can be understood by all (if you explain it)
  2. Because it means to take care of the root of all problems
  3. Because it does not defend the interests of anyone in particular, therefore it defends us all 

By rallying behind this soul claim, this unique claim, each of us says “I wish that my voice be heard, I wish that finally the greater good be defended and no longer the interests of a chosen few”. By defending this political proposal which isn’t part of a political party, you will take back the control of the political debate that has been left in the hands of the very few

And most of all, you have now understood it, the only possibility for change is to leave the institutional process that organises the impotency of the people and leaves us powerless.

The greatest quality of this message is probably also it’s weakness: it is original.

It contradicts evidence so deeply rooted in us by our education (the myth of election, the sortition process thrown into oblivion, the meaning of the word democracy) and will probably be rejected by certain people by natural reflex. But this message calls out to the intelligence in each of us to understand its logic. You are now responsible for spreading it to others.

For ideas on how to effectively spread the word, join the page “Spread the Message“!

Last video summary

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