1. Political power serves the interest of an ultra-rich minority against the greater good / common interest(cf. the links found under concerning the central issue of monetary creation left to private banks)
  2. To use the power given by the people against the greater good is an abuse of power
  3. A democratic regime should above all protect the people agains abuse of power
  4. The Constitution does not organise a signle counter-power, the people are left unprotected and the situation can only become worse

Audio Material – The abuses of power

Here are 2 examples of abuse of power by our elected representatives that have drastic consequences.

1. How national monetary creation was offered to the private banks.

Download the mp3 – (extract of a conference of Etienne Chouard)

Just using this example, you can explain almost the general scale of economical problems we are living today and the dramatic consequences it has on the people and nations.

To know more on the topic, have a look at this page: Taking back the monetary creation

2. How unemployment is institutionalized in the european laws!

Download the mp3 – (extract of a conference of Etienne Chouard)

Our current regime is in theory the protector of people, however the people are clearly no longer protected. How is it possible to have reached such a situation in a democracy?

Next Chapter: Are France and other countries around the world democracies?


  1. Etienne Chouard – Aix en provence – January 2008 Constitution, European Institutions, monetary creation… Exilerating !Bonus : Annie Lacroix-Riz Conference that E.Chouard talks about


  2. E.Chouard – Meeting Monetary theft and constitution
  3. E.Chouard – Meeting The end of the Welfare State
  4. E.Chouard – Marseille Conference on monetary creation. Subtitles available in english



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